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For hockey skates customisation:

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Please watch this quick guide on how to correctly trace you feet and measure them.
Feet Picture Guide Image:
Foot Tracings & Measurement Guide Image (in centimeters). Indicate foot issues if applicable.

A $50.00 Assessment Fee is required to start our process, however the fee will be credited towards the purchase price of your skates.

If you have any questions along the way please feel welcome to contact us.

If you want to be your best, your skates need to be adjusted to fit for comfort and performance, customized based on your height, weight, skill level and body issues.

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Here is what others had to say about us!

My son has received a ton of compliments for his skating over the years. The most common comments are: "He's one of the best skaters on the ice" and "He's so strong on his skates." I'm convinced the better balance Pro-Skate products create that "extra edge" every player is looking for when competing for a top spot on the team.

Raymond E. Dieter

Bloomington, MN

Over the past 3 years, my son developed a severe ankle injury from poorly-fitting skates. Other hockey store "professionals" couldn't help us. We even tried surgically correcting his ankles, but because the skates still didn't fit, the problem recurred the very next season. His junior coach recommended Pro-Skate -- and even though you're all the way in Edmonton, we decided to give you a try.

His new pair of skates fit like a glove and allowed him to skate pain-free! Not only that, you corrected the severe ankle problem! The thing that impressed me most was your remote fitting process. Our son is in Texas and you're in Edmonton, but you were still able to get the fit right and turn the skates around in a matter of days. You have a customer for life in us. I'll recommend Pro-Skate to anyone looking for the right solution. Thank you for all you've done.

Mike Larson

Pittsburgh, PA

I'm playing hockey PAIN-FREE for the first time in my life! I've had skates now for weeks and I couldn't be happier. They feel better each time I put them on! Thank you for not giving up on finding the right skate for my foot. I'll be a Pro-Skate customer as long as I play hockey, and definitely recommend your service to everyone I come into contact with!

Joe Groat

Detroit, MI

Thank you, Pro-Skate, for another job well done! Mitchell's boots worked out well and the size was correct. Even though we're in Australia, and you're in Canada, I appreciate the effort you put into finding the right boots.

Carmel Chapman

Brisbane, Australia

I just want to thank you for making remote skate fitting so easy. You had a recommendation for me quickly -- and I was able to customize the blade holder and even the insoles. When the skates arrived, there was no pain, and I was able to dangle better than I had in years! Pro-Skate sent home baking directions, but frankly, the skates are so comfortable, and they don't even need to be baked! THANK YOU!

Neal Holmes

Pittsburgh, PA


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