Skates are mass produced and designed to fit the 'average foot' but the problem is all feet are different. Many skaters believe they have to suffer through pain and poor performance to 'break in' their skates because they don't have a choice.

We believe you need to break in your skates, not your feet!

If you want to be your best, your skates need to be adjusted to fit for comfort and performance, customized based on your height, weight, skill level and body issues.

When you purchase custom fit skates through us we complete a professional evaluation of your needs and issues followed by a recommendation of the skate we think will be most comfortable and your best Fit for Performance.

A $50.00 Assessment Fee is required to start our process, however the fee will be credited towards the purchase price of your skates.

Please complete the questionnaire below to begin the custom skate fitting process.


For hockey skates customisation:

For figure skates customisation:

Please watch this quick guide on how to correctly trace you feet and measure them.
Feet Picture Guide Image:
Foot Tracings & Measurement Guide Image (in centimeters). Indicate foot issues if applicable.

If you have any questions along the way please feel welcome to contact us.


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